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Invitation to Congress

Meadors is choice for helm at UCA
Professor  Dr. Seval AKGÜN, 
MD, PhDs  
Prof. Dr. Allen C. Meadors,  
Co - Chair
 Dear Colleagues.

We would like to invite you to the 12th edition of the Health Academics Association(SAD) and the University of North Carolina-Pembroke We would be happy to invite you to the International Health Management Congress . The main theme of this year's congress will be "Financing and emergency management and alternative solution proposals in new health institutions".  Our congress will take place in Antalya between 17-20 November 2021. We think that this year's congress, which we expect many participants from Turkey and different countries, will be more intense and productive than other congresses with many presentations, discussions and new information.
        Health systems around the world are shaking their foundations due to the COVID-19 outbreak. Like all major crises, this crisis exacerbates our hidden problems and sheds light on the risks we are not aware of. We have already started to see the biggest effects of the crisis in terms of health systems on hospitals and other health care providers. As in our country, health systemsand hospitals in almost all countries of the world  have fought and continue to fight unprecedentedly and heroically with COVID-19.  However, these efforts have put unprecedented financial pressure on the health system and especially on private or autonomous hospitals.   Yes, as in every sector, we are experiencing a process that we call a new normal in the health sector, and we are going through a historical period that we will talk about in the future. In order for us to take our place in the sector both at the global level and in Turkey, we also need to make this transformation. But one of the most important issues for this transformation is to ensure the financial sustainability of health institutions.