Invitation to Congress

Professor  Dr. Seval AKGÜN, 
MD, PhDs  
Prof. Dr. Rashid Bin Khalfan AL ABRI,  
Co - Chair

Dear Colleagues,
We are happy to invite you to the 11th International Health Care Management Congress.The main theme of this year's congress will be “Pandemics, Natural Disaster, Emergency and Crisis Management in Healthcare Organizations”.The Congress will be held in Antalya between the dates of December, 16-19, 2020 and we expect a large number of participants from Turkey and different countries this year. So we believe that the congress will be more intensive and fruitful congress with new informations, many presentations and discussions than before.
Natural disasters such as epidemics and earthquakes are events that affect societies in many ways and trigger a series of negative developments. Both the Covid-19 pandemic, which we are still in and completely changing our lives in 2020, and technological disasters and accidents, or nature-related disasters, are occurring quite frequently today. However,in this regard, it also could be said that societies' emergencies such as epidemics increase their vulnerability and affected areas against natural disasters. Therefore, epidemics, natural disasters and other emergencies are emerging not only in the country or the government level, they also need  to be addressed at the institutional base and managed on the basis of necessity.Pandemics, natural disasters and other emergencies are events that affect society in all aspects and exceed the capacity of people and societies. Emergency situations affect all living and non-living creatures living in the area, normal settlements and industrial areas at the same time.Moreover, they negatively affect the normal and regular relationships around of the individual. As with the Corona epidemic that we have experienced for almost a year due to this mode of influence, emergencies can trigger many negative chain events. Therefore, the damage and losses caused by emergencies are far above than the estimates. The fact that the necessity to handle and manage emergencies are so important not only on a country or government basis but also on an institutional basis. Therefore, you ,the  healthcare professionals working at all levels of healthcare institutions, have the responsibility of being well-informed and prepared about emergency management. Emergency management covers the management process, which starts immediately after the emergency and aims to meet all the needs of those affected in a timely manner, quickly and effectively. So it is also a kind of crisis management. We live in the era of big epidemic, shows a trend of increased human-made disasters and widespread natural disasters. This increase of outbreaks in one aspect, the frequency of occurrence of natural disasters; in another aspect, it is related to the fragility of the society and its vulnerability to disasters.It is considered important in terms of both the economy of the country and the protection of human life that any organization in the society, especially health institutions, which performs very successfully in the Covid-19 outbreak, is prepared for emergencies and minimizes this vulnerability.
In this respect, during the congress, in the context of the main theme of "Outbreak, Disaster, Emergency and Crisis Management in Healthcare Organizations", how to manage major epidemics and disasters at the community level, how to protect public health, how to obtain low-cost high quality of care, health financing laws and regulations, health tourism will be discussed
However, these are just a few of the issues to be discussed during the congress. Therefore, it is planned to focus on the following issues related to the subject during the congress: