Invitation to Congress

Meadors is choice for helm at UCA
Prof. Dr. Seval AKGÜN, 
MD, PhDs  
Prof. Dr. Allen C. Meadors,  
Co - Chair
Dear Colleagues,
We are honored to invite you to the International Congress on Healthcare and Hospital Management which is arranged in partnership with Health Care Academician Association (SAD) and North Carolina Pembroke University. This years main theme for the congress is going to be “MODERN APPROACHES IN HEALTH FINANCING AND INNOVATIONS IN THE LEGISLATION”. Our congress will take place in Antalya through November 30th and December 3rd. We are expecting a wide range of participation from Türkiye and various other countries. We believe that in comparison to the other congresses this one includes many more presentations, opportunities for discussion and newer information leading to rich and efficient lectures.
As we are all aware, there has been an drastic increase in health expenses throughout the world. Given the financial constraints and rising costs facing many healthcare organizations are facing nowadays , many of them have to go through institutional changes that will improve their performance, develop their skills and their strengthen behavior. Changes should be aimed at both the material and clinical performance. Increasing costs, technological developments and regulations have made changes mandatory in various health institutions. Existing in the industry within these conditions has become increasingly challenging. Now medical organizations should be conducting financial management in the most effective way, closely monitoring the practices that are frequently changing in the legislation. Like Donald Berwick expressed 20% and 30% of expenses are a waste, and the main cause of it being a waste is patients  being treated unnecessarily, in the absence of sufficient co-ordination in the provision of services, and the fact that administrative systems have expensive and complicated structure in service delivery, it is observed as complexity of the rules and fraud.
Therefore, in parallel with global trends in Türkiye, it is possible that decision-making actors have recently emphasized value-based paying methods that are often focused on preventing quality and waste in health care and even indicate their superiority over other paying methods, that in time we are likely to see examples of value-based payments in our country. However, how ready is the health system, healthcare providers and those who pay for health care for this type of payment method? Do we know how to evaluate the outcomes of certain health conditions ? How will we take advantage of the already existing quality and accreditation systems that are the heart of value-based payment systems? How ready are we? How suitable is our Healthcare system in relations to following up with patients after the patients are cared for? Are we aware of the new systems that need to be developed, what kind of human resources are required, and whether we have the type of human resources needed? Are our electronic health record systems suitable to meet the requirements of this payment method, and how ready are we to share these records with doctors, institutions, or with the community?