Invitation to Congress

Dear Colleagues,
We are pleased to invite you to the 9th International Congress on Healthcare Management organized by Healthcare Academician Society  (HCAS) and Integrated Solution for Healthcare Quality LLC (ISHQ).Main theme of this congress is ‘'Modern  Approaches and Innovations in  Healthcare Financing '. The congress will be held  in Antalya between 19-22 December 2018. Our Congress that we are expecting  a large number of participants from  Turkey and different countries will be more intensive and productive than our other congresses with  many presentations, discussions and new information .
Today, there is a significant increase in health care spending worldwide, especially in the USA, and it is obvious that 
this increase is caused by waste. As Donald Berwick said, 20% to 30% of their spending is wasted and the most important reasons of the waste are seen that the patients are treated unnecessarily, the coordination in the service delivery is not sufficient, executive system is complex and expensive,  the complexity of rules being the part of the service delivery and fraud.
Thus, the decision makers in health care in Turkey emphasize the value-based payment methods in recent years in line with global trends. However how long are we prepared to select this payment method as a health care system, are health care providers ready? Do we know which health outcomes we will measure for which health conditions? How will we benefit from the existing quality and accreditation systems that form the heart of value-based payment systems? How long are we prepared for this? How appropriate is our health system for this system that requires patients to be followed up after receiving the service? Do we know what systems need to be developed, what kind of human resources do we need for them, and whether we have this human resource? Are our electronic health record systems suitable for fulfilling the requirements of this payment method and how are we prepared to share these records with physicians and institutions even if not with society? and many others.
In fact, people  evaluating the future (futurists) are doing scientifics researches that will be evaluating the impact of these developments in the field of health and very comprehensive discussions are being held about how these developments will  affect the system in  the advanced health systems. However,how fast  the health systems that have emerged as a result of the historical and cultural processes in the past will move  to keep up with the developments? While these rising new systems are pushing us the new organization and financing models, how are our academics interested in health politics prepared at the this point?  It needs to be widespread of basic, practicle and cost-effective efforts as we mentioned above in order to respond such questions.
For this reason, the main theme of the 9th International Congress of Health and Hospital Management is "Modern Approaches and Innovations in Health Financing."
In our country , Legislation performed in accordance with restructuring of Ministry of Health and changes on organizational structure performed as central, regional and institutional, and also the reorganization operations of our Ministry in last years revealed the necessity of discussing the subject.  Therefore, during the three days, the subjects of interventions in the system and the effects of these interventions on the financing of health institutions will be proposed comperaticely  for the agenda and   the contemporary approaches and innovations in health financing will be discussed.
As co-presidents of this congress, we would like to express our pleasure to work with each of you during this event with  a great enthusiasm and interest . We hope to see you among us at the Congress which will be performed in Antalya  being the pearl of  Turkey at the point where the junction of three continents. Desiring to meet in Antalya in December.
Please send us your ideas, notifications and inquiries in order to enrich this international congress. We invite you to enjoy the perfect environment of SPİCE Hotel & Spa, where the congress will be held. It is one of the best hotels of Antalya and one of the most beautiful destinations in Turkey.
We will be very pleased to welcome you in Antalya.
Prof. Dr. H. Seval AKGÜN                                            Prof Dr. Emre BURÇKİN                                                                                    
Congress Chair                                                             Congress Co-Chair
TURKEY                                                                       TURKISH REPUBLIC OF NORTHERN  CYPRUS