Invitation to Congress

Prof. Dr. H. Seval AKGÜN,
MD, PhDs, Msc, CPHAA  
President of the Health Academicians Association (SAD), Chair
Prof. Dr. Allen C. MEADORS, 
University of North Carolina at Pembroke (UNC-P), Founding Chancellor,
Prof. Dr. Robert Weech-Maldonado,
The University of Alabama at Birmingham
Dear Colleagues,

We are honored to invite you to the 15th International Congress on Healthcare and Hospital Management, which will be held in Antalya, Turkey, from December 11-14, 2024. This event is organized in partnership with the Health Care Academician Association (SAD), North Carolina Pembroke University (UNC-P) and the University of Alabama at Birmingham (UAB). The main theme for this year’s congress is “Health Systems Management and Organization of
the Future.”
Currently, we are witnessing a fundamental restructuring of healthcare services from a strategic and managerial standpoint. This transformation is driven by various structural and demographic factors, including aging populations, the impact of emerging pathologies and technologies, increasing health and care needs, and inefficiencies in national healthcare systems. Our congress will address these challenges and provide a platform for discussing innovative solutions.
We anticipate a diverse group of participants from Turkey and around the world. We are confident that this year's congress will surpass previous ones in terms of presentations, debates, and discussions, making it a highly productive event.
Effective healthcare management requires experienced staff and advanced technology. Therefore, healthcare managers should:
1. Provide appropriate medical, administrative, and financial services to ensure the safety of patients, families, and employees.
2. Establish collaborations with stakeholders to create a safe environment for patients and families.
3. Discuss the importance of community leadership and other relevant health topics. Additionally, healthcare managers should educate the public on crisis management and share useful health tips for emergencies.
Effective management is achievable through rapid technological advancements, data-driven decision-making, learning from experiences, and strong leadership. Thus, the main theme of this year's congress is “Health Systems Management and Organization of the Future.”
Futurists are conducting numerous studies to evaluate the impact of digitalization and health advancements, especially during the pandemic. Comprehensive discussions are ongoing about how these developments will affect advanced health systems and the necessary legislative improvements. However, how quickly can historically and culturally developed health systems adapt to these new advancements? Are our academics and policymakers ready for these changes, given the need for new legislation and financing models? To answer these questions, we must promote simple, feasible, and cost-effective efforts. Health managers should possess knowledge in leadership, communication, strategic planning, and finance. They should also lead healthcare professionals in areas such as job security, marketing, human resources, hotel management, and knowledge management. This is possible through education, experience, and partnerships.
Given these considerations, the theme for the 15th International Congress on Healthcare and Hospital Management is “Health Systems Management and Organization of the Future.”
In recent years, the pandemic has necessitated the restructuring of health services, digitalization-driven legislation, and changes at central, global, regional, and institutional levels. These changes highlight the need to discuss various issues comprehensively.
Over the three-day congress, we will explore practical interventions in different health systems and their effects on the organization and management of health institutions. The main theme, “Modern Approaches in Health Financing and Innovations in Legislation,” will cover topics such as low-cost, high-quality care, health insurance, health financing, and health tourism laws and regulations.
The congress will provide a platform to discuss methods and innovations that improve quality and patient safety in restructuring healthcare services. Participants will have the opportunity to explore the rapid technological changes in management and service, discuss experiences and practices necessary for safer and more effective healthcare, and test new systems and ideas that go beyond traditional boundaries.

During the congress, the following topics related to the theme are also planned to be addressed:

- Leadership in Health Services
- Management and Organization in Healthcare
- Changing Roles in Health Services Management
- Mega Trends in Healthcare Management
- New Generation Healthcare Organizations
- Restructuring in Health Services, Change Management, and the Role of Leadership
- Evidence-Based Management
- Health and Globalization
- Technological Progress in Health
- Financial Management in Healthcare
- Enterprises Health Program Development
- Hospital Management
- Marketing and Branding in Health Services
- Strategic Management in Health Institutions
- Human Resources Management
- Health Policies
- Health Legislation and Ethics
- Health Information Systems
- Health Reforms
- Health Economics
- Assessment Methods in Health Management
- Public Relations in Health
- Health and Social Security Systems
- Health Insurance
- Health Communication
- Education in Health Services
- Health Promotion and Health Education
- Healthcare Education Management and Control
- Lifelong Education in Health
- Public Health and Preventive Health Studies
- Healthy Living and Optimal Nutrition
- Health Tourism

We invite you to share your thoughts, research, and reports to enrich this international congress. Join us in one of
Turkey's most beautiful cities, Antalya, and enjoy a wonderful hotel while gaining new knowledge as a speaker
or participant. We look forward to welcoming you to Antalya.