From The Congress Chairs

Dear colleagues,
We are delighted to invite you to the 8th congress on health care and hospital management.
Nowadays, from a strategic and managerial standpoint the healthcare industry is in a radical restructuring period. This fundamental restructuring has its roots
in different structural and demographic issues, such as population aging, the impact of new pathologies and technologies, increases in people's health and care needs
and the ineffectiveness of the design and functioning of national health care systems.
An effective management can only be possible with the rapid change and technology progess moreover with decision making based on data ,learning from experiences
and leadership. Concordantly, the main theme of this year's congress is: Public-private partnership ,Changing roles, Megatrends and Leadership in Healthcare
Management. Our congress will be held from December 13 to 16 in Antalya.We are expecting many participants from Turkey and other countries.We strongly believe
that this congress will be richer in presentations , debates and discussions and will be more productive than our former congress.
Healthcare management can be effective at its best with an experienced health care staff, with the best technology. This is why health care managers should:

1-   Manage their institutions in order to provide a safe environment to patients and families receiving care from them.

2-   Additionally they should provide them the appropriate medical,administrative and financial services that will be estmeet their needs.

3-   Make public/ private partnerships to provide trusth worthy and high quality health care services.

4-   Debate on the importance of topics such as community leadership and all other topics related to health. Furthermore health care managers should inform

the general public on management in a crisis period and pass them on some health tips useful in case of emergency.
Therefore, on the agenda of health care management, there are different implementations, management models and partnerships. For instance, over the last two decades,
we have been confronted to an increasing demand of public-private partnerships and different health care delivery models have emerged in health cares services.
The State support to private health care services through these models is also increasing. Public-private partnership models are an integrated, expanded,
legal and institutional models in which private sector participates by providing the necessary infrastructure and facilities for the design, financing, construction and
execution of a service or the maintenance, renting, construction or renewal of an existing public investment.
Meanwhile,in the third millennium, leadership-based health care management has also been increasingly important. Leadership in healthcare is the sum of the knowledge
and skills acquired to mobilize health workers around specific goals and to achieve them. Managers of organizations, from the smallest to the largest, must be equipped
with leadership skills and knowledge to enable them to reach maximum out put with minimum input. In otherwords, maximization of productivity in health-care institutions
is achievable when those institutions are managed by leaders. In the next decades ,it will be a unthinkable to reach limited and traditional resources in
health care institutions only by informations management means.
Thus, health managers should both have knowledge in leadership, communication, strategic planning and budgeting / finance. At the same time, they should be
able to lead health care professionals in matters such as job security, marketing, human resources, hotel management, engineering, knowledge management.
This is possible through decision-making and leadership based on education, experience and partnerships.
The Congress will try to create a platform for discussing methods and innovations that improve quality and patient safety in restructuring health care services.
Further more those platforms will include methods to catch up with the innovations resulting from the rapid change of technology in management and service.
Additionally, this congress will provide participants with the opportunity to discuss the experiences and practices necessary to provide safer and more effective
health care services. Thus, you will have the opportunity to discuss basic approaches to providing patient and employee safety in health careservices.
Besides this,you will also be able to test new systems and ideas that go beyond traditional boundaries. Moreover, providing you with services in line with the
perspective of service providers during the congress will also be another opportunity not to be missed.
The following topic will be discussed during the congress:
  • Leadership in Health Services
  • Public-Private Partnership in Health Services
  • Changing Roles in Health Services Management
  • Mega Trendler in Health Care Management
  • New Generation Healthcare Organizations - Twenty-First Century Architecture - Evidence-based, innovative and patient-oriented smart hospitals
  • Restructuring in Health Services, Change Management and Role of Leadership
  • Evidence Based Management
  • Health and Globalization
  • Technological Progress in Health
  • Financial Management in Healthcare
  • Enterprises Health Program Development
  • Hospital Management
  • Marketing and Branding in Health Services
  • Strategic Management in Health Institutions
  • Human Resources Management
  • HealthPolicies
  • Health Legislation and Ethics
  • Health Information Systems (Health Information Systems)
  • Health Reforms
  • Health Economics
  • Assessment Methods in Health Management
  • Public Relations in Health
  • Health and Social Security Systems, Health Insurance
  • Health Communication
  • Education in Health Services
  • Health Promotion and Health Education
  • Healthcare Education Management and Control
  • The Importance of Lifelong Education in Health
  • Public Health and Preventive Health tudies
  • Healthy Living and Optimal Nutrition  
Please send us your ideas, abstracts, studies and inquiries in order to enrich this international congress. We invite you to enjoy the perfect environment of Rixos Hotel &Spa,
where the congress will be held. It is one of the best hotels of Antalya and one of the most beautiful destinations in Turkey.
We will be very pleased to welcome you in Antalya.
Congress Chair
Prof. Dr. H. Seval Akgün
Congress Vice-Chair
Prof. Dr. Imran AKPEROV